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Creaming Butter and Sugar

January 20th, 2010 by admin in Dessert

This is a fantastic demo of how to cream butter and sugar together. You need to learn it by heart if you wish to make great cookies and cakes. This is the base for many things that you make.

There are very useful tips as well like how to use hand mixer while creaming butter and sugar together. By creaming, you are incorporating air into the butter. If you do it nicely, you get fluffier and lightened cookie or cake.

Narration is good and to the point. No half hearted or misleading instructions are given. You can learn it quickly just by watching it!

Ok, so this is a demo of how to cream butter and sugar together, which is a very important method for both cookie making and a… making certain cakes.

a.. so, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you have butter. A… You can also use shortening a… but butter is what you want to use in most recipes. That is a… not quite cold, not out of a refrigerator so it’s going to be a little bit softened a… but not so soft that’s mushy or a… starting to melt.

See here, like I can break it apart. And then might as well add sugar right on way. Well, it will go like this. Soften that butter just a little bit. And if your butter is really hard, you can actually cut it into pieces, put it into your mixer and then a… let it soften up by having the mixer on for a little while.

Now a… I’m adding a combination of brown sugar and granulized sugar for this recipe. A… but this is method applies to a… recipes that use just a… granulated sugar a.. and not the brown sugar.

a.. so I’m using a stand mixer. You can use a hand mixer. It might take you little bit longer and with the hand mixer, you could bring it up alt the way to full speed and the stand mixer, I’m probably just going to bring it up to about eight. A… a… let the top one being ten.

In the beginning, I want to go little slowly otherwise the sugar’s just going to spray all over the place. And what you’re basically doing is incorporating air into the butter. The… the granules of the sugar help to do that and if you could cream it properly and get that butter in nice and a… fluffy and lightened, you’re going to have a… a cookie or a cake with more volume.

It helps the… the a… cookie or a cake rise a little bit and it usually takes a… about three minutes depending on how much material you are working with and a.. how cold butter is. Now it’s starting to separate out, fluff up a little bit. Something that you really want to make sure you do whenever you are working on with… with the spin method and you’ve got a stand mixer is to scrape down the sides and make sure that everything is getting evenly distributed.

And I’m actually bringing it all the way up to ten. Hey, you can see it’s starting to look — up a little bit. This recipe again has a lot of sugar in it so it’s not going to get as fluffy as it would in other recipes. A… the only thing is you want to make sure you don’t go too long because then the butter can actually start to melt, lot of friction of the a… spinning mixer and a… the way it can a… start to reach out of the butter and then you get the separation that a… really is no good because the air can’t be trapped inside the butter anymore.

What happens when you’re getting close is that the color actually gets a little bit lighter. A.. You can see that… that this is pretty brown because of the brown sugar but it’s starting to turn a little bit of a creamier color. Need to stop again and — straight down the spikes.

Usually the next step in this creaming method is adding an egg or more and that’ll make it fluffier even more. That is about it. Giving little bit more. You can see that lot of air incorporated into it and that is going to help it absorb the other ingredients that come in the next steps.

So that’s how you cream butter and sugar together.

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